PDEA alerts public

The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) alerts the public on signs of the presence of clandestine shabu laboratory in the neighborhood.

PDEA Director General Aaron N. Aquino said, “it is observed that drug personalities have also changed their schemes in producing illegal drugs, from the usual mountain and far flung settings to residential area.

Dismantling shabu lab Batangas

This is evident in the two successive dismantling of shabu and ecstacy laboratories in Hingoso Farms, Barangay Sto. Niño, Ibaan, Batangas on April 12, 2018, and in the three-storey residence along Dela Cruz Street, Barangay Tinajeros, Malabon City on April 13, 2018”.


Dismantling shabu lab Malabon

According to PDEA the following are the signs to look out for that a clandestine shabu laboratory is likely operating in the neighborhood:

  1. Sudden presence of individuals, either local or foreign nationals, in buildings or residence which are abandoned for a long period of time;
  2. Presence of large water tanks;
  3. Thick electrical wires for houses or facilities instead of normal-size wires;
  4. Laboratory materials surrounding the property like empty chemical bottles, drums and other kind of chemical containers;
  5. Specially-constructed chimney or ventilation fan which run for extended hours to remove strong odors;
  6. Strong chemical odors (solvent-like) coming from the facility;
  7. Persons in the premises seldom come-out, or they do come out to smoke to avoid igniting the chemicals inside;
  8. Excessive or irregular water waste coming out of the premises;
  9. Presence of waste chemicals;
  10. Discarded materials use to store chemicals
  11. Residents who burn their trash instead of discarding them;
  12. Use of security cameras;
  13. Odd locks and bar windows;
  14. Heavy security like the presence of watch dogs, high fences and barb wires;
  15. Every opening of the facility is covered or tinted;
  16. Persons going about their business at odd hours;
  17. No traffic during daytime, but on wee hours; and
  18. Frequent visitors with expensive cars.

PDEA is appealing to the public to report any suspicious movement of individuals and facilities in their neighborhood through “Operation Private Eye” with contact number (02) 920-0967, and email address iis.pdea@yahoo.com.

“The public can also report illegal drug activities, and in return, PDEA ensures the anonymity of the informant and the confidentiality of the information provided to counter fear which hinders the active participation of the citizenry in reporting. PDEA  Director General Aaron Aquino said, the informants are given reward and incentive scheme designed to encourage the public to report illegal drugs activities in their community”.

Source: http://pdea.gov.ph/2-uncategorised/833-pdea-alerts-public-on-signs-of-presence-of-clandestine-shabu-laboratory-in-the-neighborhood

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