The importance of investigative journalism

By Rommel Ibasco Fenix | Friday 13 January 2017

INVESTIGATIVE means “specializing in uncovering and reporting hidden information”.

JOURNALISM is a grassroots endeavor – meaning by the people for the people, “The collection and editing of news for presentation through media”. A profession base around “integrity”, adherence to moral and ethical “principles”.


INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM should be fearless. Not only, must be fearless when asking questions, but also when we uncover uncomfortable answers and challenge our perceptions.

It is important in any democracy. Investigative journalism should call the powerful to account, and expose corruption.

Investigative Journalism can hold individuals and institutions accountable, its purpose should be to uncover that which others might wish to remain hidden.

Journalism should also be a guardian of liberty; in that a free people should have a free press, no constraints ever should be placed on a search of truth.

Its purpose should be to reveal matters of public and national interest, to reveal wrong-doing and to unfair treatment of the weak or marginalized in society.

That is the definition the soul of what Investigative Journalism should mean, and is why I work so hard every day to restore what the founders called the 4TH Estate, the MEDIA acting as WATCH DOG.

The grassroots 4TH Branch of Government.

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