Open Letter to the newly elected President of the Republic of the Philippines from the Chairperson of SAGIP-BAYAN,Inc

Minerals are key components in many everyday products, from mobile phones, laptops, and jewellery, to cars and light bulbs. In too many cases, however, the extraction and trade of these resources are linked to corruptions, conflicts and human rights abuses.

Sagip-Bayan, Inc., and other civil society organisations have been documenting the links between the power and authority of a public officer which was used to accumulate ill-gotten gains from hundred thousand tons of illegally extracted and fraudulently exported mineral products, abuses for years from his role in funding violent armed groups to the use of acquired power in his controlled mining and export business. But these abuses persist, and paper companies are formed to utilize in mining and exporting such minerals without paying proper taxes and assessing environmental impacts to addressing the various risks.

It is time to change the status quo. It is time for the Philippine government to take effective legislative and enforcement action to ensure public officers, company’s, stakeholders to source minerals responsibly, transparently and sustainably.

open letter to pres duterte 1200 x 630


PRESIDENT, Republic of the Philippines

Malacañang Palace, J. P. Laurel St.,

San Miguel, Manila

SUBJECT:   Seeking intervention of the newly elected President of the Republic of the Philippines His Excellency RODRIGO ROA DUTERTE to stop Grave Abuse of Authority, Betrayal of Public Trust and to hold Accountable Governor Edgardo A. Tallado, for his personal involvement in various graft and corrupt practices in the province of Camarines Norte.

Dear President Duterte,

I am respectfully attaching copies of several pieces of documents in support to the undersigned grounds for action because of the above named public officer is blatantly disregarded various existing laws, presidential decrees, department orders and regulations using his acquired power and authority as the Local Chief Executive of this province.

Mr. President, from the grievances of the people, particularly of the victims of environmental crimes and corruption with the unwarranted sacrifices of human lives as early on August 2012. We have already called the attention of various concerned national government agencies, about the personal involvement of Governor Edgardo Tallado to the unabated illegal mining activities, illegal transport and export shipments of mineral ores, monopolization of huge infrastructure projects, all forms of illegal activities; such as illegal gambling “jueteng”, illegal drugs, illegal fishing, illegal logging, controlled black market of almost 300 kilos per month of gold production from unlawful small scale mining operations.

All such misfeasance acts from the start of his term in 2010 up to this present time, there are no indications of how Governor Tallado will be held accountable for his abuses.

The only material fact of action taken is the suspension order by the Honorable Office of the Ombudsman due to his Oppression to various provincial government workers. But for his spearheaded environmental crimes, corruptions that lead to economic disaster and unwarranted losses of lives, as mastermind Governor Tallado is continue enjoying wealth and a lavish lifestyle under the question of how he accumulated his riches.

In lieu of Your Excellency’s brand which is known in Davao as a strong-willed leader who made substantial achievements in solving crime and corruption, and for your continuing responds to the challenge of serving the Filipino people.

I respectfully requested to Your Excellency’s comments and actions for this grievance, for the Filipino people, which our organization here in Camarines Norte, the Samahang Gagabay Sa Inaasam Na Pagbabago Ng Bayan, (SAGIP-BAYAN, Inc.) together with our newly formed Dekalibre Center for Investigative Journalism Network (DCIJN), and other helpmates anti-corruption and environmental organizations the Volunteer against Crime and Corruption – Camarines Norte Chapter (VACC-CNC) and Tanggol Kalikasan – Camarines Norte, has maintained its mission as anti-corruption, civil society organizations that gathers, analyses and share information on corruption with a strong advocacy campaign and action against corrupt practices of public officers, in support to your willingness to defend people’s right to a fair share of decent life, a happy home and a peaceful nation, which reinvigorated passion to build a nation of justice, peace, and inclusive progress.

We need your action in these extreme cases may, and actually do, exist where relief in equity may be availed of, to stop a purported “institutional corruption” and “corruption in public administration” that resulted to the inefficient delivery of public services, that compromises the rule of law.

For the people!

 Sincerely yours,

RF sign

ChairpersonSamahang Gagabay sa Inaasam na Pagbabago ng Bayan (SAGIP-BAYAN,Inc.),

Convener: Dekalibre Center for Investigative Journalism Network (DCIJN)

Mailing Address: DZAU Bldg, Binanuan, Talisay, Camarines Norte



Attachments in PDF format:

  2. Letter request for NBI complaint PDFDOJ Order PDFDOJ Order PDF 2Joint Affedavit Atty. Remo-Matamis PDF 1Joint Affidavit Atty. Remo-Matamis PDF 2NBI Complaint vs Tallado PDF 1NBI Complaint vs Tallado PDF 2NBI Complaint vs Tallado PDF 3NBI Complaint vs Tallado PDF 4NBI Complaint vs Tallado PDF 5NBI Complaint vs Tallado PDF 6NBI Complaint vs Tallado PDF 7NBI Complaint vs Tallado PDF 8NBI Complaint vs Tallado PDF 9NBI Complaint vs Tallado PDF 10NBI Complaint vs Tallado PDF 11NBI Complaint vs Tallado PDF 12NBI Complaint vs Tallado PDF 13NBI Complaint vs Tallado PDF 14NBI Complaint vs Tallado PDF 15NBI Complaint vs Tallado PDF 16NBI Complaint vs Tallado PDF 17.
  3. Documentary pictures on preparatory stage of mining plunder
  4. Nonie Besa DUMP TRUCK owner
  5. New Napaod photo attachment for OMB
  6. NBI Dismantling of Mineral Processing Plant and Confiscation of heavy equipment
  8. The environment destructions
  9. Photo documentations on improvised port
  10. DOJ indorsemenNBI Memo on Request for InvestigationDOJ 2nd indrseOMB 1st indrse
  11. Ombudsman letter 1Ombudsman Letter 2
  12. Certification of PPA Pasacao on Summary of Exported Cargoes from Cam NortePPA Summary of exported Cargoes 2010-2013PPA Summary of exported Cargoes 2010-2013 – 2;
  13. Certified copy of fabricated sales invoice Nonie BesaCertified copy Packing List Nonie BesaCertified copy of fabricated sales invoice wilfredo de leonCertified copy Outward Foreign Manifest Ruel Ponayo
  14. Bureau of Customs letterBOC Summary of Exported Iron OresBOC Summary of Exported Iron Ores 2

Attachments in Video format:

  • VIDEO Attachment 1:


Special coverage conducted of Environmental Media Group lead by Dave Llavanes Jr., of IBC-13, about the impact of environmental destruction as a result of the illegal open pit mining operation of the Bohai Top International Mining Corporation. Bohai Top a newly formed paper, mining firm, used as front mining company for the illegal mining business operation and fraudulent exportations of more than 324,000 Thousands Metric Tons of Iron Ores, Camarines Norte’s mineral wealth.

With an estimated equivalent value of P1.7 Billion Philippine Currency, based on the approximate calculation conducted by the DOJ-NBI Special Investigation Team-SCULPTED PEPPER, a Task Force organized by former DOJ Secretary Leila De Lima, who initiated an investigation and filed multiple Anti-Graft charges with the office of the Ombudsman, against Camarines Norte suspended Governor Edgardo A. Tallado, including his Ten (10) other co-accused as conspirators.

  • VIDEO Attachment 2:


JOHN RICK JAVIER is one of the witnesses submitted by the DOJ-NBI Special Investigation Team-SCULPTED PEPPER to the office of the Ombudsman, in connection with the Anti-Graft Charges they have filed against Camarines Norte suspended Governor Edgardo Tallado.

John Rick Javier exposed in his affidavit that he is the former in-charge for the Virtual/Jueteng payola delivery with a total amount of P1.2 Million pesos per month. Javier said the payola, he delivered to Camarines Norte Gov. Edgardo A. Tallado is costing of P300, 000.00 per week, with a four (4) weekly scheduled date of delivery, he said it is from the 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th days of every month.

Said revealing information was augmented by an audio/video interview of MR. “ROMMEL FENIX” a bombastic Camarines Norte broadcaster to MR. JOHN RICH JAVIER. The interview was uploaded to YouTube by broadcaster DEO N. TRINIDAD, entitled CAMARINES NORTE CIRCA. The interview together with the executed sworn statement of Javier were combined each other to demonstrate accuracy both public testimonies and the expressed statement under oath.

On October 20, 2011, an attempt on the life of witness Javier was made. Four assailants ambushed or sprayed bullets on the vehicle of witness (a Ford Everest, bearing plate number ZNP-779). At that time however, the vehicle was being driven by a certain ROMY ALARMA, a friend of the witness. During the shooting, Alarma was hit by a bullet in the left eye, causing his loss of sight.

  • Note: Other Documentary Video Attachments to be uploaded.

Copy furnished:

  1. HON. VITALIANO AGUIRRE, Secretary, Department of Justice, Padre Faura Street, Ermita, Manila 1000
  2. HON. CONCHITA CARPIO MORALES, OMBUDSMAN, Republic of the Philippines, Office of the Ombudsman, Agham Road, Diliman 1101, Quezon City
  3. HON. DANTE GIERRAN, Director, National Bureau of Investigation, Taft Avenue, Manila

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